Mother-daughter rally duo Coral and Molly Taylor are looking to better their debut podium when they tackle this weekend's Ulster Rally in Northern Ireland, the penultimate round of the 2010 Citroen Racing Trophy.

    The Taylor duo finished an encouraging third last month in their first-ever rally together on the Isle of Man.

    The pair hopes to climb higher on the podium with a strong run on the tarmac roads outside Belfast.

    Four-time Australian Rally Champion co-driver Coral Taylor is impressed with her daughter's constant improvement on tarmac, which was further honed two weekends ago when they competed on the small Stonethrowers Rally in Ireland.

    "The tarmac roads over here are very different from those in Australia and the locals here have years of experience on their unique surface," Coral Taylor said. "They are very technical and tricky, and often narrow and bumpy.

    "I think the Stonethrowers was a real turning point for Molly, she put in a terrific drive and found the confidence she's been seeking on tarmac.

    "I have now completed two events with Molly and it has been a great opportunity for us to work together and for me to become familiar with her pace note system. Now we're really looking forward to Ulster."

    Reigning British Ladies Rally Champion Molly Taylor currently lies third in the Citroen Racing Trophy and knows a strong result this weekend will keep her in the title hunt.

    "I've really enjoyed having mum in the car with me and I feel that she has helped me in more ways than one," said Molly Taylor, who finished fourth in class on the Ulster last year.

    "She has taken over the logistics and much of the organising and I've been able to relax and concentrate on my driving. We work really well together in the car and as a result I feel my confidence has had a boost and I can't wait to get to Ulster."

    Molly Taylor is currently in her second year of international competition after last year competing in the Suzuki Swift Cup in the British Rally Championship (BRC).

    This year she has stepped up to the Citroen Racing Trophy component of the Championship, where all competitors campaign identical Citroen C2R2 Max rally cars.

    The BRC Citroen Racing Trophy field will face increased competition in Ulster it will be joined by competitors from the Irish Citroen series who will be looking to make the most of their local knowledge.

    The Ulster Rally kicks off with a ceremonial start on Friday, 20 August in Antrim, northwest of Belfast, before concluding on Saturday after 14 stages of action.

    Image credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography
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