Four-time Australian Rally Champion co-driver Coral Taylor will return to international rallying next month (July) when she heads to England to call notes for her daughter Molly in the British Rally Championship.

    Taylor will sit alongside Molly for the Isle of Man International Rally in early July and the Ulster International Rally in August.

    It will be the first time in almost two decades she will co-drive for someone other than multiple Australian Rally Championship-winner Neal Bates – and the highly-respected navigator is looking forward to the unique opportunity.

    “I’m really excited to be heading over to rally with Molly. She’s been asking me to co-drive with her for years, but until recently my schedule here with Neal has never allowed it to happen,” Coral Taylor said.

    “As a mum it’s a pretty special thing for your daughter to want to do something like this with you, especially when she is at an age when most kids are trying to ditch their mothers!

    “I am very proud of Molly’s efforts to date – she puts a tremendous amount of work into her rallying. I thought when she moved to England to rally my chance to team up with her had passed, but she has actually kept asking me and it is great to be able to finally accept her offer.”

    The younger Taylor is contesting the one-make Citroen Racing Trophy component of the British series – her second season of rallying in Europe.

    Molly was last year named British Ladies Rally Champion and is looking forward to the added experience her mother will bring to the passenger seat of her Citroen C2 R2 Max.

    “I’m obviously excited, I’ve been trying for so long to get her in the car, I can’t believe she actually said yes,” Molly Taylor said.

    “We have previously competed together running as a course car. I really benefited from having her in the car. She is a very calming influence, and she understands exactly how I like to have the notes called.

    “At the end of the day she’s a four-time Australian Rally Championship winning co-driver. I think it will be very positive for me, mentally, to have her in the car.”

    Molly, who manages her burgeoning rally career around a full-time job at motorsport preparation company M-Sport, is also welcoming the advantage of her mother’s extensive rally logistics experience.

    “Rally logistics can be complex. She’s a really great organiser, having managed logistics for Toyota’s factory team in Australia for nearly 20 years,” Molly Taylor said.

    “It will take a load off my shoulders and I can relax and concentrate on the rally.
    It’s also really nice to have a visit from a family member, and this scenario will make it more special. She’s finally seen the light!”

    The Taylors’ first outing is at the all-tarmac Isle of Man International Rally on 9-10 July.

    Image credit: Oscar Komyei
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